We want you to be completely happy.


The work provided by Susan Bremer O'Neill and Self Appeal is powerful, when completed. However, we realize that not everything works for everybody. If you enroll in a course, complete the training within the specified amount of time (plus 4 weeks - we know life happens) and don't feel that you gained something of value and that your thinking and way of being in the world has changed for the positive, then we will happily refund your money.

To be eligible for the refund:

  • Reply to the last e-mail you received that contained your materials.
  • In the subject line put: Self Appeal Guarantee - Refund
  • Send a cc: to info(at)selfappeal.com 
  • Include the date you started your work and the date you completed it
  • include your name, your phone number and your time zone along with convenient times to be contacted
  • Send a pdf copy of the workbook, completed, as an attachment.

Someone will reach out to you and have a discussion to expedite your concern and your claim. If you do not hear from someone within two working business days, please call Self Appeal at the number below.