Real Women Striptease DVD

Real Women Striptease DVD

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Join Susan and ten former students as you learn to let your Diva Self out in the privacy of your own home.  Check out the back cover and meet the women in the DVD.

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Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have.     Aimee Mullins

Building Self Appeal involves embracing the whole woman 

Embrace and celebrate your inherently playful, physically sensual nature with confidence. This woman-empowering, DVD is a woman-focused, tasteful program that introduces Self Appeal® concepts while helping every woman to feel beautiful and sexy, no matter what her age or size.  First released in 2002 as the Art of Sensual Dance for Every Body, it was re-released in 2004 in its current form.  Not rated, but PG nonetheless, this DVD shows real women following simple moves while tapping into their inner eroticism in the privacy of their own homes.  

Nurture, cherish, and release your sensual spirit to increase your confidence and self esteem.  

Former dancer, Susan Bremer O'Neill, and ten real women, together, in the Art of Sensual Dance Series DVD: Striptease for Real women, prove that All women are sexy and beautiful and can help you;

  • Applaud your womanly curves
  • Embrace the whole you
  • Encourage your inner sexiness
  • Invigorate your romance

This 105 minute “how to” DVD contains:

  • Relaxing, meditative, body awareness and appreciation exercises using movement, touch, and visualization. (15 mins) 
  • 15 simple gestures and moves so EVERY woman can realize her exterior beauty and erotic potential. (30 mins)
  • Tips, secrets, and steps to overcome shyness, introduce a playful performance into love relationships, become seductive in whatever you're wearing, dress up or down to light your own fire, and connect with your partner in the way and at the time that it is right for you. (23 mins)
  • Inspiring dialoge from Susan and five real women who display their own sense of style and rhythm as they perform, talk about how they feel about their bodies, discuss why they learned sensual dance, how it affected their confidence and relationships, and how they felt about their first dance experience for their partners! (25 mins)

DVD features include:  Chapter Selection, Easy “Tips” Access, Easy follow-along routines with moves and PG-rated lap dance demonstrations

While being flirtatious, fun, and erotic, this DVD contains no nudity.