It was a privilege to have Susan speak to our group. She is inspiring, delvers with humility and humor, and the take away was more than I hoped for. She has a passion for helping others and it shines through!
— Donna Versola, Founder Women’s Success Network

Susan Bremer O'Neill is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who is dedicated to the empowerment of women. She's been a pioneer and trail blazer her entire life. From being a scientist for twelve years, then working as an exotic dancer, and currently thriving as a self-help mentor and student of psychology, Susan has crafted a message that inspires, captivates, and motivates audiences to look deeper into their own beliefs and encourages them towards their own success as women. 

Susan has spoken with and engaged women of all ages, from high school and well into their eighties, in empowering themselves for greater confidence, esteem and playfulness. The backdrop of her programs have ranged from college sorority houses to business women retreats and recently she's taken her empowering message of self-appeal into addiction recovery homes. 

The tips, tools, and techniques she offers empowers them to stop people-pleasing and comparing themselves to others, eliminate perfectionism and stop obsessing about appearance, transform their current relationship and find smart romance in a new one, and embrace their body and mind to set healthy boundaries. Through her speaking, workshops, classes and groups she helps each woman build confidence, grow courage and have real choice. Contact Susan for a personalized description of what she can offer your group.

Susan’s presentation was very fun, energetic and eye-opening!
— Angie Mendoza Producer, Coordinator. Pathway to Confidence Camp
Susan Bremer is a marvelous addition to a community of activists and scholars who continue to strive to provide accurate information about human sexuality and gender …a winner by anyone’s standards!
— John P. Elia, Ph.D.,. Human Sexuality Studies & Psychology, San Francisco State University