Personalized Self Appeal Coaching 

Are you afraid to speak up or struggle to be heard when you do speak up?

Do you people-please or place everyone else’s needs before your own?

Would you like to stop comparing yourself to others and start feeling good about who you are?


When you stop focussing on what other people want from you and who they see, and instead focus on how you think and feel about and within yourself, you begin the process of building internal validation which is what you need for authentic confidence. Unfortunately though, many of we women have internalized destructive thoughts and behaviors that prevent us from realizing our real value and beauty from the inside. Through building self-appeal you challenge internalized false presumptions about yourself and transform self-limiting ways of thinking about and relating with yourself so you’re empowered, joyful, and feel valued and loved just as you are.

Self Appeal® program philosophies and concepts are based on the relationship stages two people experience as they’re falling in love. Using a blend of science-based inquiry with positive reinforcement and behavior modification that draws from 12-step recovery practices and mirrors concepts used in Positive and Humanistic Psychology, women improve the relationship with themselves, and grow their self-love which increases love from others.

There are many ways to begin building your self-appeal from anywhere in the world. Check out Self-Appeal Coaching or the Body-Confidence Program. A complimentary Self Appeal Discovery session* determines your best course for transformation.


*The Complimentary Phone Session offers a chance for you to explore coaching and

  1. Determine if you like working with Susan.

  2. Gives Susan the opportunity to discover if she's the right fit for you.

  3. For the two of you to decide the best growth options for your individual life and self-love challenges.

Susan Bremer, is, simply put, born to be a coach. Her style can be gentle and affirming but also razor sharp as she has the gift of not only knowing which questions to ask but when to ask them. She has a realistic approachable manner of guiding the client toward setting their goals and discovering ways to achieve them. She is flexible and honest, kind and direct. She knows how to keep you focused on the goal ....
— Valerie D., Carmel, NY, Client