Body-Confidence Coaching

Do you compare yourself to other women and often feel they’re more beautiful and capable?

Would you like more confidence to conduct a presentation, meet new business colleagues, or get that new client or promotion?

Would you like to be less shy, awkward and inhibited in the bedroom?

16-Weeks, 4 Modules

proven self-appeal concepts - personalized coaching calls - guided meditation - behavior modification techniques - video - worksheets - e-mail support

Your life won’t start when you lose weight, buy that designer label or get that perfect job. This IS your life.

Stop waiting to feel comfortable in your own skin and good about who you are.

Build a love-relationship with your body today and THEN you’ll

  • more easily make life and physical changes that stick

  • have the confidence and energy that makes others take notice

  • attract more love and understanding to yourself because you’ll be giving it to yourself first


In this program you’ll::

  • encounter, connect with and embrace your body and mind in new positive ways

  • observe and explore where negative self-talk and habits originate from so you counter them and build trust in your appearance and capabilities 

  • liberate yourself from judgmental perfectionist body shame and lies to grow self-respect for healthy nourishment and greater self-love

  • support yourself and tap into the wisdom you already have through self-permission so you build a more positive self- and body-image

As a result of being in this program you’ll:

  • be less shy, awkward, and self-conscious

  • feel stronger using your voice and have tools to stop people pleasing

  • know what YOUR needs are so you can set and stick to healthy boundaries

  • have more skills to let go of what others think so you feel beautiful

  • connect to playful creative energy and passion for enhanced relationships