Law Breaking Your Mother Can Be Proud Of


I want every over burdened, creative, entrepreneurial, successful woman (or anyone really) to break the law.

Newton’s Law that is, of Inertia. It states "An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force." Note that Newton's Law states, "unbalanced force." Too much busy is bad and too much relaxation (sloth in the extreme) is bad too because this is not balanced. Balanced is a healthy mix of busy with ample time for relaxation. But most professional women aren’t too relaxed. It’s usually the opposite.

Before your body is forcing you to slow down through an ailment or accident, be aware of what your mind is telling you you "have to do” and defy it. Break your internal mindset of "shoulds," and "not good enoughs,” that keep you stuck in a cycle of chaotic overwhelm taking care of others’ needs instead of your own. Be that rebel soul your inner child, or if you prefer, "bad girl," wants to be.

  • Read

  • Swim

  • Garden, slowly

  • Let a cat sit on your lap and give it snuggles

  • Walk the dog

  • Sit in deep conversation with a plant

  • Play with children 

  • Watch fireflies

Busy women can find other ways to rebel but none of them will be as positive for their body, mind and spirit as the rebellion against internal and external “shoulds.” You know, the thoughts that ricochet around similar to:

  • I “should” call my friend because she’s not in a good place even though I haven’t had a moment to breath and slow down to listen to myself.

  • it’s easier to do it myself than to ask for help from a family member.

  • if I don’t do (fill in the blank _________) it’s going to have a reflection of who I am.

Vow to make Isaac Newton, who is regarded as one of the most influential scientists of all time, wrong, at least when it comes to your body. If you don't have relaxation planned already, take some time to let your body lead your mind into unwinding. That’s a healthy kind of law breaking even your mother can be proud of. Besides, as Billy Joel wrote, “Only the Good Die Young.” Breaking the law of shoulds could not only help you feel “bad,” in a healthy way, but also help you live a longer life.