Structure is Not a Dirty Word


From an early age, we have to be taught everything. And usually, we have to be taught often. Once our mind is open, though, we have a greater chance to learn the lessons that are presented to us everyday and re-presented to us.

I used to laugh at my parents because they are so regimented in their food. They eat meals with such regularity that I can bank on it. Morning, noon and night. Eight, or soon after they get up, noon most definitely whether weekday or weekend, and dinner around 5 or 5:30 without fail. Over the years I've read, heard and experienced that eating regularly helps your body, however, since I still have the tendency on occasion to eat too much or too late at night, when I'm left to my own devices I eat when I'm hungry, and that may not occur with clocked punctuality. 

Recently I was working with a client and she reiterated what she'd learned in a very expensive program, "Eating regularly, three meals at the same time, trains your body to not have to hold onto weight."

She paid a lot of money to learn structure in her life to help alleviate her food swings, and by sharing it with me she reinforced it in her mind and she helped me remember what I've known. She reminded me that we all struggle with areas in our life (food and otherwise) where structure will help us from swinging from deprivation to compulsion. We can take this structure and map out a plan so that we don't have to be caught in old habits that undermine our well-being.

Pick one area today that you're struggling with "control” or obsession in, and write yourself a plan for structure. Include a small indulgence with regularity within this structure. This will help you feel satiated so that you train your mind and body for abundance. When you have both structure and indulgence you will see that abundance is everywhere. You deserve to feel abundance. When you practice living in abundance and permission to enjoy it in a way that uplifts your body instead of dampening your spirit and health, you will find inner peace, weight-loss, financial stability, relationship success, or whatever it is you want through engaging your cycle of positivity and feeling good about your day to day habits. And revisit what your parents told you. They just might be onto something.