Time, Alone, Does Not Heal All Wounds


Your body will tell you everything you need to know about your existence in this world, if you simply stop to listen to it. If you don’t, it will have to get your attention in other ways.

Today I can no longer run, literally. My third toe, my action toe according to metaphysical websites I’ve been reading, has been damaged. I'm hobbling in a boot, or walking slowly in shoes so as not to aggravate the plantar tear it has. First it was the third toe on my left foot, my creative emotional side. Now, the right is bothering me too. These injuries and this out of balancedness, is forcing me to slow down in order to heal. I have to be in my reality—my truth.

My truth is that I’ve been running my entire life—from fear of 

my feelings
my inability to speak
my reality

All my running was either to people, substances, or goals I thought would make me: 


But this running took me out of my body, my home—my perfect home. If only I would have seen and honored it that way. Instead, I was never satisfied with it, always trying to fix or distance myself from it.

The saying is “time heals all wounds,” but in the case of your body, that time needs to be supported by attention:

attention to yourself
attention to the details of your life and whether they bring you happiness or heartache 
attention as to whether the details bring you pain or joy 

Only you know for sure, but you must know. For your body’s sake.

If you don’t listen to your body of emotions and body of thought, your physical body will get your attention in some way. Then you will have another opportunity to listen. What is your body telling you today? What is your reality saying? How are you going to attend to it?

For a few years I had trigger thumb in both hands. I got two cortisone shots in my left and although the doctor wanted to do surgery on my right instead of giving me a third cortisone shot, I opted for the third shot instead. During that year and a half that I was getting the shots, I worked to “let go” of holding onto control in order to be safe. I began to talk to, trust in, and stay connected to my Higher Power through prayer and meditation. I also started taking curcumin, a health supplement that aids joints. My left thumb has been pain free for about one-and-a-half years and my right approximately one year. My attention to my body along with my mind, healed my thumbs.

I’ve included three weblinks and encourage you to have fun learning what metaphysical and spiritual teachers write about any ailments you have. You don’t have to ascribe to or believe everything you read, and please don’t take on the responsibility of thinking that you’ve caused any ailments. If you believe or find yourself believing in the metaphysical mind/body connection, know that it’s what’s deep within our subconscious mind that will manifest, not what we consciously think or do. Simply stay curious. Stay curious enough to see what’s written. Stay curious enough to want to know what your body is telling you. Stay curious enough to want to stay in and heal your body to the best of your ability. You only get one.

A very good place to start with overall meaning of different areas of the body and what they might be saying