Find the Courage to Be You


Who Do You Think You Are? 

I’ve had a few significant people in my life ask me this question—and not in a manner that was conducive to heartfelt introspection, more so in the way that implies, “don’t you dare.”

We must all dare.  Daring brings experience and knowledge.  Daring breeds courage and success—even if only in growing more experience and courage.

Often we don’t go for what we want because we may be worried about what others think? Or we haven’t been taught how to really stretch ourselves. Or we may think that something we hold dear isn’t really possible. Do you have a vision of yourself that you want to step into? Perhaps it's not a vision but instead a dream. What does your dream look like? What is the vision of that dream?

There are many ways to begin to step into your dream/vision.

  • Inspect - observe your surroundings today, then close your eyes and observe your surroundings in your dream/vision
  • Reflect - think about what motivates you today, what influences your decisions today how you react today and then close your eyes and do the same for yourself in your dream/vision. How are they different?
  • Educate - learn from others as to how they've gone for their own dreams and what obstacles they've overcome as well as what influenced them along the way to go keep going
  • Inspire - glean your truth from all your awarenesses in the above bullets and embrace what resonates in your heart, vowing to expel what doesn't

Long before I had a book to publish, I enjoyed books. I was jealous of others who had written books. I studied writing. I wrote. I wrote what I wanted, even when others thoughts I should write something different.  Today I’m a writer with a book.  It took me almost ten years from conception to publication.

Achieving dreams may take a long time, but they are worth the effort. 

What do you enjoy?  Where do your jealousies and envious thoughts stem from? Who can you learn from or what can you study to alleviate your yearnings?

Who are you?  Who are you becoming?

With the current climate of #Metoo and women speaking their truth, it is more important than ever to be who you are. Dream big. Gather support. Speak up. Stand out.

Whoever you think you are and dare to be, you will become.