Manage Your Expectations by Not Listening to Experts

Life happens and you will fall short of your own expectations.  What do you do then?  Do you get the bat out and hit yourself a few times because, doggone it, "you SHOULD have…,” “you were SUPPOSED to…,” “you INTENDED to….”  Do you let it nag at you and infiltrate your thoughts for days and affect your spirit?  What do you do when others fall short of your expectations?  Do you hit them hard too?  Or do you give them the break you can’t give yourself?  

Experts tell you how to manage your life, how to manage your business, and it’s great to know what they think, you’ll even gain valuable knowledge about mechanics, but don’t put too much stock into what experts say about how they think it SHOULD look, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed.  Don't expect your life or business to look like theirs.  

When you believe the experts instead of tuning in to yourself, it'’s easy to get out the bat and direct it at yourself because you’ll often fall short.  I’ve done this my entire life, especially in my business, and, quite honestly, I’ve often felt like a cockroach running from what one expert said to another.  I ran so much and my head was filled with so much “expert” advice that I never really got anything accomplished.  Some call this the “shiny ball syndrome.” 

That is, until I stopped. I quit searching out expert advice, and decided to start putting into action the processes and suggestions that I’d already heard and learned.  I actually had to stop, disconnect, and tune in—to me.

There are many experts in many fields and while you can learn from them, they’re experts either because of what they’ve studied or experienced.  Experience is the better teacher.

As an expert in building a positive self-image and the relationship with myself, I offer these suggestions to not beat yourself when you fall short of your own (and perhaps others’) expectations:

  • look at your experience
  • discover your feelings
  • accept your reality
  • determine what's in your control
  • contemplate your humanness
  • redefine your expectations
  • laugh at yourself 
  • rejoice in your learning

This will not only make your mood lighter, but will also help you lighten up on others because what we’re able to give to ourselves, we more easily give to others.

Often life just happens and it’s up to each of us to decide how we let this “life” affect or influence how we feel about and treat ourselves. 

When you see everything as a learning experience and you focus on the lessons and conclusions that are true for you, you feel positive about who you are, you have greater Self Appeal and ultimately greater self-esteem.

If you’re one of those persons searching for your right way, whether in life or business, keep searching by all means, but if you’re overwhelmed, perhaps it’s time to say “enough” expert advice.  Go out and become the expert in your life—based on your experience. Take it from me—I’m an expert.

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