Don't have a Bad Face Day - Inside Work Makes You Really Beautiful

Sometimes I have a bad face day. Do you ever have a bad face day?

If I'm having a bad face day, I'm usually looking in the mirror, pulling my face up. I'm scrutinizing myself for wrinkles. And then the more I focus on them, the bigger they get.

What we focus on expands.

Every day, you are bombarded by anywhere from 250 to 3000 advertising messages and all of these messages are designed to do one thing: Make you feel bad about yourself so you'll buy a product. But I am here to tell you, there is nothing wrong with your face even if you get a few wrinkles because you’re aging. Aging is natural.

It actually looks a little odd to see an older person with no wrinkles, would you agree?

Statistically, more and more money is spent on cosmetic surgery, and honestly, if you have done the work inside and you're feeling good about who you are and you want to do a little bit on the outside, do whatever helps you feel good. But most people have not done the work on the inside to feel good on the outside, no matter how they look. Too many people just focus on their external appearance.

For true happiness and lasting love

  • know your feelings
  • respect your process
  • take action you feel good about

Unfortunately, some women go to extremes such as having illegal Botox injections and scary procedures where silicone is injected right into the skin. People are dying and disfiguring themselves trying to look beautiful from the outside.

Yes! Enhance what you have, feel good about what you have! It's important to look good on the outside and you can ensure that by treating your body well and putting the right stuff on your skin. Think about what all that energy can do for you if you direct it into feeling good about yourself from the inside.

When you get to be a really old person it's not going to matter whether you look a certain way. It's going to matter how you feel.

I can tell you from experience that people in our lives who really matter don’t see our flaws--until we point them out.

Being present and focusing on another is a measure of true beauty and makes you beautiful in others’ eyes.

To be and feel truly beautiful don’t look too closely at your perceived flaws in the mirror because what you focus on expands. Instead,

  • focus on the beauty of your smile,
  • focus on the beauty of your eyes
  • don’t tell people where your flaws are. 

When you feel good about you, others will too.