A Roller Coaster in Your Stomach?


Chances are that at some point in your life you’ve been on a roller coaster without remembering the ride.  Your stomach twists and turns and jumps into your mouth and you feel jostled around although you have amnesia about being in the mechanical seat and navigating the up, downs and turns.  In last week’s blog, I gave some great suggestions for connecting to your body, but doing this slows you down long enough to begin to connect to unspoken truth.  This may even make you feel nauseous, as if you’ve been on a topsy turvy ride.  

My stomach doesn’t usually bother me, but lately it’s queasy on a regular basis.  I attribute this ill feeling as something that is going on within my head, subconsciously, that is triggering my body.  What comes to mind to explain this uncomfortable feeling is that of being fearful about stepping away from a group of women I’ve learned a lot from and am grateful for, but whom I feel it’s time to move away from to go my own way.  It makes sense that I would have this uncomfortable feeling.  It’s reminiscent of events that happened in my childhood when I always was the new girl, when I always felt alone, as written about in the first chapters of my memoir, and I wanted desperately to fit in and be liked.  I’m not that little girl anymore, but I can’t ignore this old feeling of queasiness that has resurfaced.  

Neither should you ignore your discomfort about speaking your truth once you find it.  Once you do this though, you then have the responsibility of taking right action for you with that same new courage.  Even if you fear doing so.  

Rethinking and relabeling this queasy, nauseous feeling to that of feeling like excitement, similar to being on a roller coaster, takes the sting away and helps shift your mind from having fear and trepidation around connecting to and acting in accordance with your truth.  Many love being on a roller coaster, even if they may be a bit nervous.  

Besides, barring any domestic abuse, in which you to need to be careful and gather support to speak up and make safe changes, what’s the worst that could happen if you speak up?  Anger can be worked through and lived beyond.  If you’re fearful that someone might leave if you speak your truth, realize that someone has already left you if you’re swallowing your words.  That someone is you.