Stop making resolutions if you really want change in the new year


You make resolutions because you want to feel better.  Something isn’t working as well as it could be.  But let me ask you, did resolutions work in the past?

While this is the time of year when we typically try to make changes, I say, don’t make a resolution, make a decision.  The base of resolution is resolve, while the base of decision is decide.  With this understanding and some serious pondering, it seems that a resolution indicates you have the answer, or the final steps if you will.  Yet in the literal realm of trying to make changes, you don’t have all the answers.  A decision on the other hand can be interpreted as having the outcome, but not the steps.  Gathering information to honor your decision, you get to make choices.  Feeling you have a choice empowers you.

If you want to change anything about your body, your relationship, or life, whether it’s to feel better, look good, or have more confidence or courage to realize dreams, you have to make the choice to take action.  Only when you feel you have a choice, that you “want to” instead of “need to” make a change, will you. And choice inspires action.

In the paper today there are two advertisements that caught my attention, both having their focus on your body.  One promised to tell you secrets and feed you a gourmet dinner after hearing their presentation.  One promised to help you lose 20 pounds in 20 days.  Don’t fall for the quick schemes and gimmicks.  Change takes time. 

According to Statistic Brain online quoting the University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology Research dated January 1, 2014, only eight percent of people who make resolutions achieve them.  Don’t be one of the failed 92% that don’t realize their resolution.  Instead, make the decision to love yourself more.  If you treat yourself like a friend, if you spend time with your body and listen to your mind’s motivations, then you continue to feel empowered with choice and good about your decision.  In my memoir, From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal, I write about the time I needed to move from being a lonely, self-loathing woman to that of having a wonderful relationship with a husband.  Gathering information and experimenting with what does or doesn’t work for your decision, builds your choice muscle and you feel that much more motivated and stronger.  

I have a gift to help you feel better about you so it’s easier to keep making the right choices for your New Year’s decisions; a free call that will address loving your body and becoming your own best friend.  A gift that will help you attract all the good, better, best things in life that you really want and that will last through time, not fizzle a few months after you open it.  Check out the video and register here.  Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!