A Real Present to Yourself - Self-Respect and Self-Confidence This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is almost here and then there will be a flurry of sparkling lights, festive packages, dazzling dresses, and relaxation with family and friends.  If you’re like me, your tendency is to overdo either in celebration or in compensation for stress or loneliness. Also, the Christmas Holiday season propels us into the next year.  How would you like to feel about yourself as you start 2014? 

The perpetual kid inside you may enjoy eating all the sweets in sight, drinking all the special party drinks, staying out too late, or buying all the pretty shiny things you see.  The responsible adult you are knows that doing these things will cause you to feel disappointment or dissatisfaction within yourself. To help you stick to goals or feel good about yourself even as you indulge this holiday season. here are a few tips to get you started:
  • Get clear on what your goal is.  Before you can achieve anything, you must see it.  If you don’t have specific goals, ask yourself how you’d like to be while enjoying the holidays this year.  Do you want to keep to a budget?  A healthy eating plan?  Refrain from yelling with Uncle Jack during Thanksgiving dinner? 
  • Get clear on why you have this goal and look past the obvious answer to the benefit beyond.  What happens when you don’t spend that extra $100 or $500 for presents?  Do you get to keep all your money in January instead of paying the credit card company?  What happens when you don’t overindulge on Christmas candy and fudge?  Do you have more energy the next day or fit into that dress more comfortably?  Making notes will help to cement them into your mind and will also allow you to see them more clearly.
  • Tell your goals to someone you trust.  By telling someone else you not only feel more accountable, you’ve reinforced your goals by speaking them aloud.  You don’t only “think” yourself into a new way of being, but you’re adding tactile and sense reinforcement in the neural network of your brain.  
Get clear on what you want and why you want it before you find yourself in a situation where you’re tempted this holiday season.  You’ll kick off 2014 with a renewed sense of confidence and courage to tackle relationships and goals in 2014.  And no matter what, always remember that what is most important is how you feel about yourself.
  • Laugh at your humanness.
  • See yourself with compassion and understanding.  
  • Talk to yourself as you would a dear dear friend.
  • View each experience as a learning opportunity.  
You will grow your self appeal, self-respect and self-confidence.  This will radiate from your core, help you reach goals and have better relationships. This continual effort is the real present to yourself this holiday season and will propel you into 2014 with a light spirit and happy heart.