You Can Win the Lottery Every Day

     Do you realize that every day you get out of bed you can win the lottery?  In the game of life, we have multiple opportunities to make quick picks or methodically choose the numbers on each ticket we’re given to play.  Quick picks are the easy way to go and sometimes they’re the best too, but when it comes to stressful, challenging situations it’s better to sharpen the pencil, and take the time to choose carefully.
      By the time you get to this last week in each four-week Self-Appeal-process blog, you’re empowered to look objectively at your current dilemma or problem because:
  • You’ve accepted how you arrived at this place in your life
  • You’re no longer distanced from your past or in denial of your present 
  • You’ve educated yourself about what your options are and are no longer
 prejudiced or fearful
  • You’ve quit making quick picks.  In other words, you’ve ceased reacting. 
      In this step, you take the time to look at all the picks on this particular ticket and design the action steps that are in your best interest, as well as, the interest of those you love and come into contact with.  You have all the information necessary to make the best choice; the choice that will help you feel good about yourself.*
      And action brings relief.  
      This is how you grow your confidence.  You have weighed the options and you know that what you’re doing is the best for everyone involved, even if its something that’s difficult.  This ensures you’ll be a winner every time in this chance drawing of circumstances we call the game of life. This ensures you’ll begin your journey to live a completely fabulous life.
*Please note that for the purposes of this blog, a problem is resolved within four weeks.  While these are a condensed version of the steps necessary to affect change in your life, permanent behavior change takes much more time than this, because old, outdated, self-destructive habits and thought processes are hard to break and require vigilance, diligence, and repetition of new habits.  Susan Bremer O’Neill is a life coach who can assist you with these changes.  For a complete listing of opportunities to hear Susan speak about Self Appeal®, attend a workshop, or be coached and mentored by Susan, go to

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