Awaken Your Feminine Muse and Embrace Your Sensual Self

Nurture, cherish, and release your sensual spirit to increase your body confidence and self-esteem.

The newest trend in body awareness therapy. - Evening Magazine

You were born sensuous, curious and playful. Then life happened and you got trained out of your natural body, your authenticity and wholeness. You lost your body connection along with your confidence. In this class we use music and movement, dress up, and simple sexy moves with self-appeal mind-shifting philosophies to

  • forget about your daily responsibilities. 

  • boost your body confidence.

  • increase your self esteem whether you’re in the boardroom or bedroom.

No rhythm required, just a playful spirit and desire to have fun!

Based on the global DVD, Striptease for Real Women, and combined with Self Appeal® philosophy, learn to:

  • Applaud your womanly curves

  • Embrace the whole you

  • Encourage your inner sexiness

  • Invigorate your romance


Media Write Ups About The Class
Bay Area Business Woman

I am nearly 50 years old and have had body image issues my entire life. I’ve tried every legal way to lose weight … all of these, and let’s not forget many, many many years of therapy, met with fleeting success.
The class was about … feeling comfortable about the skin you’re in and for those of us with issues in the thin is in media frenzy, actual moments of feeling joyous about ourselves RIGHT NOW!!!….On the way home from the class my girlfriend and I were absolutely giddy with this new feeling accepting our bodies. RUN—DO NOT WALK to this class.
— Shari Phoenix, Burlingame, CA