"Strip Club Sports"
June/July 2004

Usually I'm oblivious to my affect on men. But once I step into the strip club I'mfully aware of my power as a woman, even the stoic business types become lost in what I call the big-breasted-beautiful-blonde-babe zone, or bbbbb, which, when said quickly, resembles the sounds that children make by vibrating their lips with their finger. Read the entire article

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"The Naked Power...of a Nude Woman!"
Jan/Feb, 2000

Her Life as a scientist was humdrum and orindary...until the night she discovered she could own any man alive!

Let me tell you about my life as a laser technologist. It was me and a bunch of men—... continue reading


Issue 18, 1999

Morality does not consist of simply following other people’s orders about how we should behave. Morality is based on our concern for the welfare of others as well as our regard for ourselves. Choice lies at the heart of morality. – Ira L. Reiss, Solving America’s Sexual Crises

I look ahead at the bent over derriere five feet in front of me, two bare buttocks separated by a red thong. To my right I see sparsely covered breasts shaking close to a business man’s face. I scan the entire club floor; continue reading


Issue 17, 1999

"Why do you think women work here?" I asked the graying, casually dressed customer that had just propositioned me. 

Because there's no stress. It's not like being a legal secretary in a law firm," he answered.

Unbeknownst to many people, an exotic dancer not only ... read the entire article.