Susan Bremer O'Neill

All relationships start with the relationship you have with yourself.

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In a hurried up world where we women are bombarded by images and messages that we're not good enough the way we are, it's important to tune into ourselves to find acceptance and approval.  It's important to reclaim our bodies as the beautiful vessels they are.  Building self appeal is about creating a more positive body- and self-image.  

Through the Self Appeal® process, a relationship with the self is built that grows more loving and intimate with time. You develop a conscious awareness and understanding of the self that facilitates honest introspection and unconditional positive regard leading to increased esteem, authentic confidence, and loving action.  

This positive, affirming relationship with yourself influences all other relationships in your life and models for others how to treat you as well as how to treat themselves.  It helps you tap into the passion, creativity and joy of life that you were born with and that is your birthright.  

Pick one of these ways to start building your self-appeal today.

It doesn’t matter what a woman looks like, it’s how she feels about herself.
— Susan quoted in Oakland Tribune
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There was a time when although I looked good on the outside, inside I was lonely, addicted, plagued by guilt and “shoulds,” resentful, uncertain, angry, frightened, and shame filled.  I was disconnected from how I felt, and I looked outside myself for the answers.  I was lonely.  I never thought I was pretty and never thought I was smart although I’d graduated from high school and technical school with high honors.  I was a people pleaser.  I stuffed my feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, and unworthiness, with exercise, work, food, drugs, alcohol, and men.      

My memoir, From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal:  One Woman’s Journey to Recover Her Body, Her Sexuality, Her Self, goes into great detail of how I overcame being a victim and learned to be my own best friend. Through experiences I had and insight into myself that I gained, I grew safety within my body and trust within my mind to make healthy choices that would nurture me and help me feel good.     

I’ve lived and tested my Self Appeal® philosophy before I ever imagined using it to help others.  For fifteen years, I’ve been helping women embrace their bodies and build confidence, esteem, respect, and trust within themselves. My programs have helped women worldwide successfully release inhibitions, heal shame, increase intimacy, and strengthen personal relationships.

I can help you too.

While working with me to build your self appeal you’ll learn how to: 

  • Set personal boundaries so you have more self-respect, time, and freedom
  • Hear and validate the true you that you’ve stuffed down
  • Stop comparing yourself to others for greater confidence
  • Heal shame and self-condemnation so your future is joyful and prosperous
  • Eliminate self-criticism and judgment so you build courage and take risks
  • Create relationships that you enjoy
  • Value and care for your body so you have health and energy
  • Take action to realize your dreams
  • Establish a support system that builds you up
  • Be less inhibited in your romance
This was really an eye-opening experience for me.  It was a whole paradigm shift, a way of looking at yourself that I never ever thought of.  It made me realize how blessed I am the way I look now, even though I still have things that I want to change.  Everybody should experience this.
— Kathi Harris, Former Student


Susan's coaching has helped me tremendously with initiating action in areas where I was stuck. Her support and guidance encourages me to follow through with challenging, overwhelming tasks that once were left to procrastination.  

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