Susan Bremer, is, simply put, born to be a coach. Her style can be gentle and affirming but also razor sharp as she has the gift of not only knowing which questions to ask but when to ask them. She has a realistic approachable manner of guiding the client toward setting their goals and discovering ways to achieve them. She is flexible and honest, kind and direct. She knows how to keep you focused on the goal ....
— Valerie D., Carmel, NY, Client

Personalized Self Appeal Coaching 

Many of we women have internalized destructive thoughts and behaviors.  It's imperative we challenge these false presumptions and transform our self-limiting ways of thinking about and relating towards ourselves in order to be joyful, empowered, and reach our full potential.

There are many ways to begin building your self appeal from anywhere in the world. A complimentary Self Appeal Discovery session* determines your best course for transformation.

During this session, you and Susan will determine the best option for your individual transformation and growth. A personalized program may include phone, in-person, or web-based face-to-face sessions as well as personalized guides for movement. Prices vary depending on location and option(s) chosen and will be discussed during the complimentary session.  

Personalized one-to-one Coaching Options:

  • Pace Myself: Two 55-minute sessions per month 
  • Jump Start:  Three 55-minute sessions per month 
  • Fast Track:  Four 55-minute sessions per month 
  • VIP:  One or more days of full Self Appeal immersion in-person with Susan dedicated to your Self Appeal transformation.  In-depth discussion and analysis done beforehand to develop your personalized plan for optimum results.

Self Appeal Coaching with Susan Bremer O'Neill, a certified coach, helps you become more confident and self-assured by:

  • validating your fears, concerns, and experience. If you truly want to move forward, you have to begin where you are. Susan will hear, acknowledge, value, accept, and respect your life as it is today as well as how it's been in the past.  She'll mentor and assist you to do the same so you feel ready and able to move forward.
  • giving you permission to be whole.  We're multi-faceted women with depth and interests that are as unique to us as each blade of grass is on the earth. Unfortunately, our innate creativity and sensuality stays buttoned up inside as we strive to be responsible adults. Tuning inward integrates all parts of ourselves.
  • challenging you to and helping you find what is true and right for you. There are many ideas in the world about how you're supposed to be, but none of those are true.  You're an individual with a unique and beautiful body and mind and you owe it to yourself to find what really feels good and works in your life. 
  • offering tools that help you take action and gently nudging you to meet goals toward your truth.  Susan is an expert in building the relationship with herself. She'll offer insight, thought, and behavior remodeling tools, and guide you through the Self Appeal® process of self-relationship creation. Building self appeal isn't an overnight fix, but quick fixes don't work. Real, solid self-esteem and confidence comes from real progression, time and patience.
  • keeping you focused and offering between-session support through e-mails or mini calls. Every woman needs a hand at times and with personal transformation this is especially so. As your personal coach, Susan Bremer O'Neill is invested in your success and cares about you. Modeling appropriate boundaries, she makes herself available to you outside of scheduled sessions to assist moving past stuck points and roadblocks. You're never really alone. 
  • celebrating your successes. It's hard to be our own cheerleaders, yet we all need to be praised and applauded. Susan will hoot a horn for your every success, no matter how big or how small!

*The Complimentary Phone Session serves a three-fold purpose:

  1. A chance for you to explore coaching 
  2. An opportunity for you to determine if you like working with Susan
  3. An opportunity for Susan to determine if she's the right fit for you