12- Wk Program - Box It Out with Your Inner Critic

12- Wk Program - Box It Out with Your Inner Critic

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Make a significant change in your life and quiet that internal voice that keeps you stuck and not accomplishing your goal. Be supported with:

  • 24+ minutes of video,

  • 5 hours+ audio,

  • 6+ hours one-on-one coaching in a group setting

  • 50+ page workbook

  • e-mail support throughout the entire 12-week program

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Too often the voice in our head gets in the way of our self-image that dictates our success or failure in all areas of our lives. We’ll achieve what the voice says we can expect to and our happiness depends on what this voice lets us believe about ourselves. Fortify yourself with tools, tips, and true methods to quiet this voice and make significant progress in an area of your life you’ve been eager to.

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