Susan Bremer O'Neill

Become self-assured and feel attractive in your body so you have successful relationships.


My Self Appeal® Philosophy

All of life is about relationships and all relationships start with the relationship you have with yourself. You already have a relationship with yourself, but if you're like most women it's not positive and nurturing in the way that you talk to and treat yourself. If you want love and acceptance from others, you have to give it to yourself first. Building self-appeal helps you create a relationship with yourself based on internal validation. Ultimately, this self-respect and self-love is what the people in your life will respond and be attracted to, and they will return it to you leading you to more happiness, fulfillment, and joy. 


You are beautiful. You are valuable. Be honored, valued and loved exactly as you are, and tap into the power of self-confidence.

I can help you do this. I've done it myself.

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All power comes from within and is built upon acceptance and gratitude. Self Appeal classes are designed to help you love your body, your one true home, speak your truth so you feel heard and accepted, and improve relationships so they feel supportive and loving.

Susan Bremer O'Neill is an experienced coach who has been working with women for twenty years. Individual and group Self Appeal coaching helps you focus on the one person who can truly make a difference in your life--YOU. Tune into yourself to manifest positive experiences that uplift and support your dreams.  Influence and role model for others how to give you the love you want and need.

Susan has brought her Self Appeal message to college lecture halls, business women groups, recovery homes, and high school confidence camps. With a fun, interactive, yet powerful poignant message, she helps every female feel pretty, be playful, and achieve empowerement. 

Her journey out of the strip clubs and into the vulnerability of her own naked emotions is the subject of this book.... women who open this book hoping to understand their own experiences better will be rewarded.
— Amy Waterman, Amazon Review

Susan's incredible journey
to Self Appeal, 
written in her memoir,
From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal