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Box It Out with your Inner Critic was positive and empowering. The videos helped illustrate the boxing aspect of the course and made the work more intuitive. The interactive workbook helped me discover my inner critic and how I feel about her and embrace other parts of me so I am more whole. From this course, I have a stronger sense of self, more self-care skills and a process to work though challenges. Also, I can repeat the class whenever I want because I have all the training tools!
— Ellen Behrens
Photo by KSP

Photo by KSP


Do you start the year with high hopes of how your life will be different?
Is it weight you want to lose?
An exercise program you want to stick with?
A new way of speaking up and being heard?
A personal or business relationship challenge you want changed?
Do you simply want to like and treat yourself better?

Who or what gets in your way the most?

You do.  Your inner critic.

This is good news, because if you get in your way the most, then YOU have the power to change this.

But only YOU have this power.

I know what it's like to be so self-critical that life is full of indecision, second-guessing, guilt, anxiety, perfectionism, and procrastination.  These are all signs of a strong internal critic. My critic was so strong, when I was young I couldn’t even speak.

Committing to change may sound easy, however it means stopping blaming others and stopping being a victim.

If you’re ready to change your story for 2019, I’m here to help.,

I’ve given up substances and have recovered health and self-care. I’ve given up meaningless relationships and have been in a long-term marriage for over ten years. I’ve given up being afraid to speak my truth. I’ve given up being shameful of my past, what I’ve done and who I’ve been. I’ve given up having to people-please and second-guess my decisions. If I can do it, so can you.

Make a commitment to yourself. Join me and other committed women on a journey to identify and quiet the internal voice that’s keeping you stuck in a negative pattern.

You’ve got nothing to lose. You have the Self Appeal Guarantee.

Learn to throw some powerful punches to that voice in your head that puts you down, and stops you from being, doing and having all that you desire.

In this 12-week course you'll have 6 Coaching Calls that will be recorded if you miss or want to listen again, e-mail support from me throughout the entire process for accountability and questions, other women to learn from and be supported by and 6 Packets to work on at your leisure. These contain:

  • 6 video introductions (apx 4-6 minutes each)

  • 5 audios to learn the Self Appeal process through pdf workbooks loaded with tools (apx 1 hour each) with

  • interactive PDF workbooks and

  • additional resources and information

During this process you’ll get coaching, and inspiration to:

  • define and solidify one goal as you're guided to take decisive steps towards it

  • bring conscious awareness to messages you tell yourself that undermine your happiness and success

  • understand what your inner critic is REALLY telling you to eliminate regret, guilt, and shame

  • move past old habits that don't support your goals and dreams today.

  • knock out one self-sabotaging behavior and learn the steps to defeat more

After completion you'll have:

  • have mastery over deleting one self-limiting behavior and feel liberated from self-judgment and criticism.

  • have tools and maneuvers to really throw some effective blows to your inner critic.

  • know how to prioritize and rest for better self-care.

  • keep forward momentum in spite of anxiousness or fear.

2019 Dates:

  • Wednesday, February 13 First training packet (warmup and bonus materials)

  • Wednesday, February 20, Live Group Coaching Call

  • Wednesday, February 27, Second packet (video and audio instruction with wkbk)

  • Wednesday, March 6, Live Group Coaching Call

  • Wednesday, March 13, Third packet, (video and audio instruction with wkbk)

  • Wednesday, March 20, Live Group Coaching Call

  • Wednesday, March 27, Fourth packet (video and audio instruicotn with wkbk)

  • Wednesday, April 3, Live Group Coaching Call

  • Wednesday, April 10, Fifth packet (video and audio instruction with wkbk)

  • Wednesday, April 17, Live Group Coaching Call

  • Wednesday, April 24, Sixth packet (video and audio instruction with wkbk)

  • Wednesday, May 1, Live Group Coaching Call

All Live Group Coaching Calls held at 7:30 pm EST, 4:30 PST. Recordings will be mailed to you the next day.

January New Year Special. Regularly $697, Now just $247! Financing available through PayPal.

We want you to benefit from doing the work. Learn how you're protected.

We want you to benefit from doing the work. Learn how you're protected.