Susan Bremer O'Neill

"If there is ignorance around pleasure, there will be ignorance around pain."

— Susan Bremer Oneill

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 Susan Bremer O'Neill

Susan Bremer O'Neill

I never had much self esteem and confidence … But then I was forced to look at things I repressed and denied….
— Quoted in Alameda Times Star

Author, Keynote Speaker, Women's Empowerment Coach, Self Appeal® Founder,

Author, producer, former scientist and exotic dancer, Susan Bremer O'Neill is a self-relationship expert and the founder of Self Appeal®.

Since 2000 she’s used her experience along with her study of psychology, women’s issues and modern-day sexuality to help thousands of women worldwide embrace their body and realize their true value and beauty through workshops, women's empowerment coaching, and a DVD, Striptease for Real Women.

The tips tools, and techniques she offers empowers them to stop people-pleasing and comparing themselves to others, eliminate perfectionism and stop obsessing about appearance, transform their current relationship and find smart romance in a new one, and embrace their body and mind to set healthy boundaries.

Susan has spoken at San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley, CSU Stanislaus, a local chapter of the National Organization of Women as well as local business women’s groups.  She’s been interviewed on national television and radio.  Her new book is a memoir about her own journey to self-love and respect, From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal:  Stripping Barriers to Recovery—Leaving Addiction, Returning to Body and Mind

Susan currently lives on the East Coast with her husband and six rescue animals. Her on-going work with women has expanded and she now also works to liberate and empower women in recovery from addictions of every kind.


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About the Book

I recommend every woman who is struggling with self worth to read this book.  It takes you on a personal journey of low self esteem to having what the author calls “self appeal.”  It will change your life.  It changed mine.
— Oleta Kay Ham, Author of Migrant Mother, the Untold Story 

About Working with Susan

My confidence increased so much I could easily attract into my life not only the kind of job I wanted but also the kind of partner!
— Amanda G., Berkeley, CA, Former Student
This was really an eye-opening experience for me. It was a whole paradigm shift, a way of looking at yourself that I never ever thought of. It made me realize how blessed I am the way I look now, even though I still have things that I want to change. Everybody should experience this.
— Kathi Harris, Former Student
Susan created a space where I could let down my guard and search out what it was that I really longed for. She offered a non-judgmental environment and unique perspective that helped to guide me through to a life that is more authentic and joyful. Her insight and guidance have moved me forward in ways I struggled with on my own. Susan helped me to take a good life and make it great! I feel empowered.
— Elika L., Campbell, CA, Coaching Client
Susan’s Self Appeal Workshop is a dynamic exchange of the here and now along with graceful intentions of a transformational future. It’s three hours filled with inspiration, intrigue, contemplation and vision - a true mind-body connection. If you want to get in touch with all your sense in a safe, collaborative and caring environment - don’t miss your opportunity to get to know Susan and experience Self Appeal.
— Deena Elliott, Former Student

About Susan Speaking 

... a rare combination of personal candor and highly articulate expertise, … Susan provides a unique and invaluable perspective….
— Elizabeth Bernstein, Department of Sociology -University of California at Berkeley
Susan Bremer O’Neill’s presentation ... was a highlight of the retreat and an integral part of the women bonding and experiencing transformation.
— Retreat Leader, Maggie Schreiber, Certified Dream Coach® -Founder, Women Of Wonder

And Still More About the Book

What an amazing life story! Life lessons around every corner. I did not want to put it down!
— Christine Baily
Each woman’s sexual development and experiences are unique to her, but all women can identify with the feelings and the needs bared so skillfully here, no matter how different their own sexual experiences may have been. I was both moved and inspired by the book, and I only wish I had read it in my early twenties or late teens instead of in my early sixties. With soulful honesty and a tender vulnerability, she shares the story of a young girl turned woman searching for love, acceptance and meaning in both a successful career and a series of affairs, only to find real healing and her true self in some very unusual places and ways. Both suspenseful and satisfying, this book may well end up being required reading in many Sexuality 101 courses throughout the nation, as well it should, for its gritty reality coupled with sweetness and hard-won insights reveal necessary truths to males and females alike. It liberates, empowers and heals women in so many ways, but could also hold the key to helping men relate more successfully to women as well.
— Carol Pinckney, MJC English Instructor
With superlative writing skill, this author opens my consciousness to a very different life than the one most women readers have lived. Her intelligence, courage and stalwart confidence in the life she cuts out for herself have lifted my awareness into a sense of feminine power I had not previously known.  Hers is a story well told and a life well-lived!
— Shirley Irving
A magnificent journey that has gone full circle, proving that inner strength, diligence and discipline win over and over.  There are so many wonderful life lessons – it doesn’t matter that her path was different from other women – what the author struggled with are what many of us struggle with at all ages, and we all can learn so much from this! Every woman (and men too!) should read this memoir.
— Karrin Dalton